Alpaca Dreamcatcher White

Alpaca Dreamcatcher White

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It is believed that each carefully woven web in a Dreamcatcher will catch your dreams in the night air.

The bad spirit dreams will become entangled in the web and disappear in the new day.

The good spirit dreams will always find their way through the center opening, and will gently float down the sacred feather to bless the dreamer with peaceful dreams.

This dream catcher captures the beauty of this sacred legend.

Our Gorgeous Dreamcatcher is ethically produced decoration accessory handwoven by Peruvians artisans made with 100% Alpaca wool string and white feathers  detailing.

A perfect gift for her as a dainty and ethical accessory for any room decoration. This dreamcatcher will bring boho vibes to you all year long.

Total length is 36”

The Diameter of the hoop is 12”

100% Alpaca wool 

Ethically Sourced white feathers

Made with Love in Peru For you !