About Us

LanaLlama was created during COVID-19 by a Peruvian/American Rocio and the help of her amazing daughter Ale. Rocio was born in Lima, Perú and immigrated her family to New York in 2000. Rocio has always had a love of interior design and during COVID-19 has had time to share her love with all of you. We are Two busy bees with a lot of responsibilities, but I convinced Ale to join me in this happy adventure. Ale loves fashion and her country’s loud make a statement colors. Self taught with love we have created Lanallama.

At Lanallama our goal is to share our Amazingly, vibrant culture having all the products artisan made in our home country of Perú keeping each one of them unique.
Only in Perú and Bolivia do Alpacas naturally  roam. In the Inca empire only the royal family could wear clothes made of Alpaca. Luckily
today we will dress you like royalty bringing you a variety of products from sweaters, hats, blankets to table runners, headbands, belts and much more. You are sure to find something you love for yourself or your home.

As passionate as we are about Lanallama we are equally as passionate about sustainability. We strive to be Eco friendly and Made sure all our packaging is made of recycled materials.
Lanallama is for everyone who was born to stand out. Loud passionate colors and patterns are what we love.

I hope that our vibrant products bring a smile to your face!

Rocio Salgado