Snuggle with Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber has a lot of benefits. To give an example, The fiber is well known for its breathability, weather resistance and moisture wicking capabilities, but there’s plenty more benefits besides that, for instance, did you know alpaca is regarded for its superior insulative qualities?

However, before we talk through the benefits of this, let’s look at what makes the fiber a natural insulator.

Alpaca Fiber is warmer than Sheep Wool, but what gives it such a high level of warmth?

It’s all down to the unique structure of alpaca fiber.

Alpaca has built in air pockets that create a hollow inside. These hollow fibers help contain the warmth and give alpaca its insulative qualities, making it a good choice for textiles like blankets, shawls, scarves and much more.

However, the fiber is being used for far more than just textiles around the home.
Did you know that alpaca fiber is also being installed in the walls and ceilings to keep properties warm?

Well as you’re about to discover, these insulative qualities are just as beneficial beyond the home as well to clothing because, the insulate benefits of Alpaca make it lighter and warmer.

There are few materials that manage to combine both light and warmth, but alpaca is one of them.

Outdoors lovers require lightweight clothing that won’t inhibit their activities, however, they also need clothing that is going to provide adequate shielding from the cold. With alpaca, there is no need to dress yourself in bulky layers.

A layering system consisting of light but insulating fibers like alpaca should provide sufficient warmth.

Alpaca give it adaptability. When you buy alpaca, you’ll have clothing that is suitable to wear year round. Because of its adaptability, alpaca will be Cool in the summer and Warm in the winter, keeping you comfortable  through the seasons but, not only do these adaptive qualities make alpaca suitable for year-round use, it means the fiber stands up well in the face of changing conditions.
If the temperature changes, your body heat rises, or there’s sudden rain fall, the insulate qualities will keep you in comfort.

Also there’s an added advantage to alpaca’s adaptive qualities. the clothing has the potential to save you some money.
As already highlighted, alpaca is highly suited to a range of climates and can be worn all year for outdoor activities. This makes alpaca budget friendly and a sound investment to complement your outdoor hobbies.

Alpaca Fiber Also provide protection against the wet weather.
There’s another considerable benefit to alpaca’s natural insulation that it will keep you dry and warm if there is a change in the weather. 
As explained earlier alpaca naturally contains hollow air pockets these pockets will continue to give you added insulation even when it rains, keeping you from getting cold. In addition, alpaca is water repellent so it can keep you dry, too.

All of this makes alpaca products highly beneficial to who’s seeking suitable accessories and clothing for year-round use.

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